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The Hotel del Carmen is taking care of the environment as well as the well-being of its guests. The objective of our CSR policy is to welcome our guests while respecting the area, the ecology and the health.
As a matter of fact, the whole team of the Hotel Maya del Carmen has chosen the best companies to take care of the hotel, of the environment and the hygiene.


We closely work with a Mayan community to respect the place and above all the origins of the region.
All the rooms have been decorated by the children of the Buctzotz village.
To honour and respect the Mayan world, we have chosen to employ people from the region of Yucatan.
Wearing the traditional Mayan lining – « the guayabera » – our employees pridely show their roots and wonderful culture.


The Hotel Maya del Carmen makes the hygiene its priority while taking care of the environment :
Health and anti-dust mite Certificate
Cleaning and disinfection of the mattresses. The « Bluetech Nanotechnologies » company is the expert in the sector. Blue Tech Nanotechnologies delivers for years solutions in Playa del Carmen to take care, protect and clean with a smart and eco-friendly technology. Its technological products are considered as the future of this industry. They offer innovative solutions to various industrial sectors which show numerous advantages to improve the quality of the life while taking care of the environment.
Choosing Bluetech you will always find out qualitative products. They are dedicated to the guests’ satisfaction.

Eco-friendly fumigation Certificate


Orthopaedic mattresses
To enjoy your sleep in the best conditions, all our mattresses are sprung mattresses and anti-dust mite.
To take care of our back, we have chosen the best quality of orthopaedic mattresses.